Comprehensive Vet Care

When it comes to the health of your pet it is important to make sure they eat quality food and spend time exercising, running around, and enjoying life. But what happens when this isn't enough? Just like humans they will become sick, injure themselves, and have other kinds of issues spring up. In those instances, you need to take your pet to a veterinarian where they receive comprehensive care. That is exactly what you receive at Crescent Hill Animal Hospital. 


Comprehensive Vet Care Services

At Crescent Hill Animal Hospital, you and your pet have access to a number of comprehensive vet care services. Yes, there are the standard checkups, medical exams, vaccinations, diagnosis, and treatments, but also you can fill your prescriptions on hand.

Lab testing can be performed inside Crescent Hill Animal Hospital, which helps speed up the process of receiving results back. This way, treatments can begin sooner rather than later. Digital X-rays are also provided on-site. 

Special Dietary Needs

Does your pet have special dietary needs? Not a problem either, as an assortment of foods for all pets and diets can be purchased here. Going to the pet store can be a challenge when your pet is on a diet as trying to track down food with the specific ingredients (or without specific ingredients) can be difficult, and even the helpful staff at the pet stores may not be able to properly address your pet's dietary requirements. However, at Crescent Hill Animal Hospital, our staff member will connect you with the best food possible. 

Boarding and Grooming

Are you leaving Louisville and need help watching over your pet? You need someone you can trust and someone you know will take good care of your pet. You'll receive exactly that at Crescent Hill Animal Hospital. It can be difficult knowing who to let watch your pet, so the animal hospital offering these services just makes everything easier. 

In addition to this, Crescent Hill Animal Hospital provides grooming and dental cleaning services to help your pet look their very best.

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At Crescent Hill Animal Hospital, your pet is in good hands. Whether it is for an annual checkup or for surgery, the staff is here to help. From going over the options you and your pet have to provide the highest level of care around, you know your little buddy is going to receive the highest level of care possible. So, if you live around greater Louisville make sure to bring your pet into Crescent Hill Animal Hospital for the best comprehensive vet care around. You can call us at 502-893-0063.

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