Pet Grooming

When it comes to grooming, every pet is different and has their own needs. Some breeds are known not to shed and look great with their natural hairstyle, others can layer a floor with hair during the summer. However, there is more to grooming than just cutting a pet's hair. At Crescent Hill Animal Hospital in Louisville, KY, we offer full grooming services in addition to regular veterinary care to assure your pet can live a healthy and happy life. 


Bathing, Haircuts, and Nail Trimming

Regardless of whether you choose haircuts for your pet or let them wear their hair naturally, bathing is still essential. Again, it depends on the breed as to how often they need a bath, and their lifestyle can contribute to their bathing schedule as well. An outdoor pet is going to get dirtier than an indoor pet, and need baths more often to come inside at night or to eat. Nail trimming is another important part of grooming. Indoor dogs have a special need for nail trimming to prevent damage to floors and to keep them from scratching you or your guests. Our feline friends may also need occasional nail trims to protect you and your favorite furniture. We offer both dog and cat nails as a solo service, and include them in our grooming

Pet Grooming at Home

Baths can be a great bonding time for the pet and owner, but some pets really dislike the process and it might be easier to hire a professional. If you choose to bathe your pet at home, make sure to use a water temperature they like, and good quality shampoo and conditioner. Be attentive during the bath, and check for any skin problems or injuries they might have which could need further attention.

Advantages of Grooming With Us

Having your pet groomed with us has many advantages. Many pets have special conditions or anxiety that can affect their grooming process. Here you have the comfort and attention of your veterinary staff every step of the way. We take every opportunity to use Fear Free practices in our work, and have our very own Fear Free Groomer. This, combined with our veterinarian's ability to give your pet medications to reduce anxiety, can make even the most nervous dog or cat feel confident and relaxed.

Working with a Pet Groomer in Louisville, Kentucky

For veterinary or grooming needs in Louisville, KY, give us a call at Crescent Hill Animal Hospital. You'll find our veterinarian and staff to be professional and courteous, excited to meet your pet and provide the care your pet needs. You can call us at 502-893-0063 to schedule an appointment today!

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