Pets are loveable animals. They keep us company and, at times, protect us from danger. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet out of danger by making sure your pet is up to date for his or her vaccinations. A properly maintained vaccination schedule can keep your pet safe from horrible and life-threatening diseases. The veterinarians at Crescent Hill Animal Hospital want you to know just how important vaccinations are to your pet’s overall health.


Caring for Your Pet After Vaccination

Some pets exhibit some mild symptoms after vaccination. To help your pet get over these symptoms you should do the following:

  • Provide your pet with a cozy, warm place to rest where they can relax until the symptoms cease.
  • Provide enough food and plenty of water. While the pet may have a low appetite, the presence of food can entice them to eat.
  • Avoid playing with the pet or taking your pet for long walks. The last thing your pet needs is an exhausting activity when they are already in a weakened state.

Choosing a Veterinary Care Clinic

It’s important to find a veterinarian who can provide optimal care for your pet. Here is a checklist that will help you get the right animal clinic for your furry companion.

Up-to-date facilities

The right animal clinic should have a qualified veterinarian who is licensed and possess the right equipment. Don’t just rely on the veterinarian’s assurances, visit the facility, and gauge the suitability of the clinic for handling your pet. Are you wondering if we have the right tools? Visit our animal hospital in Louisville and see our commitment to quality for yourself.

Proximity to your residence

Your preferred veterinary clinic should be located within a short distance from your residential area. It should be easily accessible.


The price of different veterinary services should be comfortable within your range. Too cheap may be a pointer to poor service. Exorbitant pricing may lockout in an emergency situation.

Flexibility in their operations

Just as you can visit a hospital any time you are unwell, you should have access to the veterinary care clinic when your pet is sick.

Get Pet Care and Vaccination Services

At Crescent Hill Animal Hospital in Louisville, KY, the health of your pet is our primary concern. We have the right vaccination programs for a wide range of pets and the necessary facilities to cater to emergencies. Call us today at (502) 893-0063 to schedule an appointment.

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