What is Fear Free?

The Fear Free Mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. As veterinary professionals, we have entered this field to care for the well-being of your pets. We believe that your pet's well-being doesn't just stop at their physical health. Just like people, an animal's mental and emotional health is an important part of their care. We strive to make our office as pet-friendly as possible, and we are constantly implementing new techniques and ideals to make this a reality.

Around our clinic, you may see:

  • Bandanas that have been sprayed with Adaptil for your canine friends
  • Towels that have been sprayed with Feliway, as well as placed on a towel warmer for your feline friends
  • Air diffusers that emit Adaptil and Feliway
  • Extra treats for your pets to enjoy 
  • A more casual approach to your pet, creating a more relaxing atmosphere

You can help your pet's Fear Free journey starting at home! 

If you have a dog, we recommend spraying the pets travel carrier (or the car interior) with Adaptil travel spray about an hour before transport. You can also use an Adaptil collar if your pet is known to have high anxiety. Once you arrive to the clinic, ask reception for a Fear Free bandana. These are placed around the pet's neck by the owner so that the pet knows it's okay.

If you have a cat, we recommend spraying the pets carrier and/or car interior with Feliway about an hour before transport. Feliway wipes can also be used to wipe down the carrier. Once the pet is in an exam room, ask for a warmed Fear Free towel.

What is Adaptil?

Adaptil is a product that uses "Dog Appeasing Pheromones" to help soothe and relax canines. It is only detected by dogs, and therefore is not noticeable to people or cats. The comforting pheromone helps dogs stay calm and relaxed in situations that would otherwise cause fear or anxiety.

What is Feliway?

Feliway is a product that uses facial pheromones to help cats feel safe and secure. If you have ever seen a cat rub their face on a person, object, or other pet, this is the cat releasing these pheromones to mark their territory. It is only effective for cats, and is undetectable to dogs and humans.

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